CEO Position Announcement

CEO Position Announcement

North Carolina Soybean Producers Association Position Announcement

Applications are being accepted for the position of CEO of the North Carolina Soybean Producers Association.  Please see the position description below for specific responsibilities or download it here [CEO Position Announcement Mar 2017]

The North Carolina Soybean Producers Association, Inc. is a farmer-owned, farmer-led non-profit organization that serves as the Qualified State Soybean Board for North Carolina and is the member-driven association dedicated to improving the business climate for North Carolina soy growers.

The North Carolina Soybean Producers Association’s mission is to maximize the profitability of North Carolina’s soybean farmers in an economically and environmentally sound manner.  The association accomplishes this mission by the timely investment of North Carolina soybean checkoff funds in soy research, promotion and marketing activities.  The association provides leadership to North Carolina soybean producers in promoting effective policies to ensure a growing and profitable soy industry through its non-checkoff supported activities.

Applications will be accepted for this position through Tuesday, April 25th, 2017.  To apply, please email or mail a cover letter and resume to:

Charles Hall
North Carolina Soybean Producers Association
211 Six Forks Road, Suite 102
Raleigh, North Carolina 27609
Position Description:


The Chief Executive Officer of the North Carolina Soybean Producers Association, Inc. provides leadership in identifying strategic challenges and opportunities for consideration by the organization’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors in the areas of soybean research, promotion, education and government relations, or in other matters of concern or interest to the membership.

While reporting directly to the Board of Directors, the Chief Executive Officer provides day to day leadership and supervision of all activities of the Corporation, its staff and programs.

The Chief Executive Officer provides leadership to the Board of Directors to assist the board in its tasks of setting strategic goals, prioritizing objectives, and evaluating effectiveness.

The Chief Executive Officer is the public face of the organization.  It is essential that the CEO develop and maintain professional relationships with leaders in organizations, institutions and businesses who are vital for the advancement of the association’s goals and objectives.  The Chief Executive Officer will represent the board and association to the association’s producer members, the grain trade, other agricultural organizations and agribusiness representatives in order that all such entities understand and realize the goals, purpose and achievements of the organization.

The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for oversight of staff and programs in these four general areas:

  1. Research and Extension – manage and support the work of the Research Director position and her initiatives to improve production, utilization and marketing of soybeans and soybean products, through her independent research initiatives and through North Carolina State University and other universities and research institutions.
  1. Domestic and International Marketing – set priorities for and conduct domestic marketing promotions and export promotion activities to increase acceptance and consumption of soybeans, through independent initiatives and through partner initiatives with the United Soybean Board, U.S. Soybean Export Council, North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, and other state or national entities.
  1. Outreach and Education — Manage and support the Outreach Coordinator position, the staff-led outreach program and the educational and consumer communications objectives of the board, including development and dissemination of media and educational materials that create an awareness and favorable public acceptance of soybeans and soybean products.
  1. Policy and Membership – lead the organization in monitoring policy and working with state and federal elected officials and governmental administrators to influence local, state and federal laws, rules and regulations to be favorable to soybean producers; manage and support the Membership Coordinator position and the NC Soy Alliance annual membership program for growers.

Specific Duties:

  • Lead the organization’s staff and maintain an accounting of CEO time and activities and employee time and activities and provide to Board of Directors weekly or monthly.
  • Conduct fiduciary duties according to best management practices, provide an annual audit of financial documents by a registered CPA firm, maintain financial records and accounts and manage Account Manager staff position, communicate financial information to Treasurer and Board of Directors, comply with all state and national laws and by-laws of the Association.
  • Work with board president to prioritize, schedule and conduct business of the association, maintain a record of minutes of all Executive Committee and Board of Directors meetings, and work with staff and board officers to prepare for all business meetings of the organization.
  • Develop an annual budget proposal for all checkoff and non-checkoff revenues and expenditures, work with relevant committees of the board and Accounts Manager to prepare and amend annual budgets.
  • Lead the overall marketing and grower and consumer communications effort. Work with staff, contractors and vendors to produce programs, media and materials, and collaborate with industry and public organizations as necessary, to promote soy and communicate to growers, consumers, and stakeholders.  Ensure professionalism, content and timeliness of communications program including association newsletter, news releases, media interviews, and participation in trade shows and public events to keep growers and the public aware of activities of the association.
  • Attend meetings and events of the United Soybean Board (USB) and the American Soybean Association (ASA) and their agents as necessary. Serve as the staff representative of the board at meetings and report to the board on USB and ASA policies and programs.  Act as a partner and participate with local agricultural organizations and industry stakeholder groups to expand the effectiveness of the North Carolina Soybean Producers Association.
  • Ensure compliance with the Soybean Promotion, Research and Consumer Information Act & Order as required of Qualified State Soybean Boards with responsibility for collecting, remitting and investing the farmers’ soybean checkoff assessment.


Knowledge, skills and abilities:

  • Familiarity with soybean production, marketing, utilization and research, within North Carolina, within the United States, and internationally.
  • Familiarity with the agricultural industry including the grain industry, meat and poultry industries, and peripherally related industries, within North Carolina, within the United States, and internationally.
  • Strategic thinking and organizational skills, and ability to maintain a close working relationship with volunteer leaders including the volunteer board president, officers and a farmer board of directors. Must be able to communicate strategic goals and objectives to board and stakeholders and to evaluate progress towards objectives.
  • Ability to manage organizational and program budgets, P/Ls, balance sheets, and financial reports. Must demonstrate traits of honesty and integrity.
  • Excellent managerial skills and ability to lead in a small-office environment with diverse agendas, schedules, programs and activities.
  • Language and communications experience to serve as the public face of the association. Must possess excellent written and verbal communications skills, ability to be diplomatic and effective in a variety of public and private settings, a capable public speaker and the ability to engage with peers and colleagues.
  • Ability to travel as required, a valid driver’s license and ability to possess a passport.
  • Experience with planning and conducting promotions, marketing events and membership events including trade shows, conferences and meetings. Experience with domestic and / or international agricultural marketing and promotions a definite plus.
  • Must be a leader who will welcome new ideas and ensures the continuous improvement of the association for the betterment of its members.

Acceptable education, experience and training:

  • The Chief Executive Officer of the North Carolina Soybean Producers Association should have a minimum of five years experience in an agriculturally related business or organization and will preferably have experience in production, marketing, educational and /or promotional activities relating to agriculture.
  • The ideal candidate will possess a four-year degree. Substantial professional experience may be accepted in lieu of a four-year degree at the Board’s discretion.  Education in a field related to agriculture is preferred.

The North Carolina Soybean Producers Association is an equal opportunity and non-discriminatory employer.  Employment may be conditional upon successful completion of a background check as part of the company’s employment policy.

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