Getting Ahead of Weeds and the Weather

Getting Ahead of Weeds and the Weather

While weeds are dormant, it is important to keep a close watch on the weather and weeds as to gauge the impact of weather on emergence and control. Weather can change when and how weeds germinate, and a sequential program of residual herbicide can help.

Scout fields early for the presence of winter annual weeds and the emergence of spring weeds. Rain and wet conditions can impact weed growth too. Waiting until spring begins to develop a weed management plan can lead to missed opportunities for control.

“Sequential applications with overlapping residuals gives the best chance of good weed control,” Peterson concludes. “Manage the seed bank and target the weeds based on field history, before you think they’ll germinate and emerge, then follow up with your second application in a timely manner. We have to catch new species early on to have a major impact. Timing is essential. You’ll be more successful if you wait to see what comes up, and then decide,” said Dallas Peterson, weed scientist at Kansas State University.

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