Thinking About Putting Data to Work on Your Farm?

Thinking About Putting Data to Work on Your Farm?

When the time is right to make a move to add data into a farm operation, setting up precision agriculture systems, software and sensors the right way is critical. It is helpful to consult an expert to ensure the data is useful.

Scott Shearer, Ph.D., a professor and chair of  the department of food, agriculture and biological engineering at the Ohio State University recommends five considerations before adding data:

  1. Yield monitors are must-have tools.
  2. Auto-steer, planter row-shutoff and auto-boom section control in sprayers are technologies farmers should strongly consider.
  3. Yield can be influence with precision planters to control seed and placement depth.
  4. Dual hybrid meters can help one plant varieties that match field data to plant the optimal variety in each field to maximize yield.
  5. Regulations on unmanned aerial vehicles will determine how useful they are.

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