Using the Right Sprayer Nozzle

Using the Right Sprayer Nozzle

Today’s sprayers can apply just the right amount of herbicide to every inch of a field, but one size does not fit all. Nozzles come in many types and spray patterns, and the best one to use depends on the plan for using it.

For instance, different size nozzles work better with different types of herbicides. Bob Wolf of Wolf Consulting and Research says the size of the droplets needed is dictated by the crop protection product used, which in turn determines the right nozzle size. To choose the right nozzle size, Wolf recommends the following formula:

Gallons/acre (gpa) x mph x w (nozzle spacing) = gallons/minute (flow rate)

5,940 (constant for calibration)

Some new technologies also dictate nozzle size. Dicamba-tolerant herbicide systems, for example, list specific nozzle sizes on their labels. Failure to follow the guidelines provided on the label is illegal.

Other factors also play a role in successful sprayer application, such as spray boom height, spray angle and spray nozzle spacing on the boom.

Learn more about selecting the right spray nozzle and other tips in THIS ARTICLE from USB.

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