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Management Maters Series

The North Carolina Soybean Producers Association has released a series of educational pamphlets titled Management Maters. Each pamphlet focuses on different topics and tips to help North Carolina soybean growers increase yields and profits.

North Carolina Soybean Scouting Guide

The North Carolina Soybean Producers Association in collaboration with North Carolina State University created a NC Soybean Scouting & Field Guide to provide farmers with brief descriptions and photographs of pest species and problems common in North Carolina.

North Carolina Soy Videos

A collection of videos covering topics that range from agronomic topics to economics for growers as well as consumer education and outreach.

2017 Research Report

Investing in production research that enables NC soybean farmers to successfully fight plant disease and pests, understand chemical and plant treatment efficacy in North Carolina conditions, understand current best farm management practices, and ultimately improve yields, is the highest priority of NCSPA.