Animal Agriculture

Animal agriculture represents the largest customer for soybeans in the United States by far, with 98% of soybean meal being used in animal feed.  Given the importance of animal agriculture to the soybean industry as a whole and in North Carolina in particular, the North Carolina Soybean Producers Association places great importance on supporting animal agriculture. One of the primary ways we do this is through membership in Feed the Dialogue NC, previously known as North Carolina Animal Agriculture Coalition, of which the NCSPA was a founding partner.

The mission of the organization is to increase public awareness and support for responsible animal agriculture in North Carolina through public education, media outreach, stakeholder engagement and collaborative, positive communication efforts.


Soy biodiesel is a clean-burning, non-toxic renewable fuel made from soybean oil. Soy biodiesel can be used in any diesel engine without modification. Biodiesel fuel made from soybeans reduces greenhouse gases and particulate emissions and helps to lessen dependence on imported petroleum. Soy biodiesel is creating new opportunities for soybean producers across the country to market their energy crop.

The North Carolina Soybean Producers Association has a biodiesel communications and promotion program aimed at increasing distribution and use of soy biodiesel in North Carolina. The association applauds the farm community for embracing biodiesel on the farm. To find out if biodiesel is available in your area, call your local petroleum dealer and ask for soy biodiesel.

Industrial Uses

Beyond being used in animal feed, the soybean is used to make many of the products people use in their homes and businesses every day.  Soybeans are used to make everything from soaps, lotions and cosmetics to glue and candles, to toner in printers and even skateboard wheels. Soy can also be found in home insulation, adhesives, resins and plastics, antibiotics, ink and biofuel. It’s an incredibly diverse plant that helps to make many needed products.

The United Soybean Board’s 2017 Soy Products Guide provides detailed listings for hundreds of soy-based consumer and industrial products.

International Marketing

The North Carolina Soybean Producers Association is continuously seeking opportunities to find new markets for N.C. soybeans, be they domestic or abroad. The association works to market soybeans internationally by forging partnerships with international buyers, working to eliminate any barriers that may impede sales of N.C. soybeans abroad and making mission trips abroad to market beans to international buyers in countries across the globe.

Check below for updates from the U.S. Soybean Export Council on news about U.S. soy abroad.