Management Matters

The North Carolina Soybean Producers Association has released a series of educational pamphlets titled Management Maters. Each pamphlet focuses on different topics and tips to help North Carolina soybean growers increase yields and profits.


In North Carolina, soybeans are often thought of as a rotational crop. The state’s average yield is about 35 bushels per acre, only 70% of the national average. With over one million acres grown in the state, soybeans are our largest cash crop, occupying 25% of the field acreage. What are some management practices any grower can implement to help increase soybean yields?
SCN is the leading cause of soybean yield loss in North America, yet many growers don’t even realize it’s a problem. Over 60% of fields in North Carolina are infested with SCN and it’s estimated the pest costs North Carolina Growers $30 million in yield loss annually. The first step is to determine the SCN levels in your fields and then tailor a management strategy for your farm. How can you test for and manage SCN-infested fields in increase yields and improve profits?¬†

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