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Proper variety selection is one of the most important steps a soybean producer can make. Use our online tool to find the best variety for your local growing conditions. Now updated with 2019 OVT data.

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Download the Annual Report of the NCSPA and Research Reports featuring results of results of checkoff-funded research projects to use on your farm.

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The NC Soybeans app gives you a mobile version of the Production Guide, Scouting Guide, grain prices, threshold calculators, variety info, & more. All right in your back pocket. Download in the app store.

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NCSPA Online Marketplace Links Buyers and Sellers

Although thought of as a commodity, there have long been discrete markets within the soybean complex. Explicitly, this would include markets and premiums for non-GM or organic soybeans and, more recently, for soybeans with novel fatty acid profiles, namely high-oleic. While these premiums have been clear and publicized there have also long been implicit “markets”,…

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Meet the Board: Forrest Howell

In this series, we want you to get more familiar with the growers across the state that are representing you on the North Carolina Soybean Producers Association. Forrest Howell farms 8,000 acres in Beaufort County with his dad, uncles, cousins, and brothers as part of Howell Farms in Beaufort County, N.C. The Howells grow corn,…

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