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Soybean farmers and their checkoff, working through the North Carolina Soybean Producers Association and the United Soybean Board, are building innovative programs to increase the value of the soybean and its products.
The Checkoff is devoted to supporting North Carolina Soybean farmers and making advancements that will impact the industry for generations to come, just like a family.


Cultivate the Classroom

Access our free online educator’s resource, Cultivate the Classroom, to learn how to incorporate agriculture topics into your classroom and earn CEUs!

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Uses of Soybeans

Though soy is a great protein-packed alternative to meat, these versatile beans go beyond human consumption. Soybeans are commonly used for animal feed, biodiesel fuel, and a variety of other industrial goods.

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Download the Annual Report of the NCSPA and Research Reports featuring results of results of checkoff-funded research projects to use on your farm.

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