Insect Management


Insect Blog Posts

Read the latest insect management posts from the NCSPA including field reports, research summaries, and more!
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Corn Earworm Threshold Calculator

Calculator to estimate treatment thresholds for corn earwrom in soybeans.
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Stinkbug Threshold Calculator

Calculator to estimate treatment thresholds for stinkbug in soybeans.
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NC Soybean Scouting & Field Guide

This guide outlines scouting practices, common pests, and other issues for NC soybean growers. It was published by the NCSPA.
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NC Soybean Insect Management

Soybean insect management considerations from NCSU.
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NC Insect Profiles

Profiles on common NC soybean insects.
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Insects of North Carolina Flip Book

An insect guide with brief descriptions and photographs of pest species common in North Carolina and Virginia.
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Distinguishing tobacco budworms from corn earworm

Both corn earworms and tobacco budworms feed on soybeans. The two caterpillars look almost identical but are actually different species....
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