NC Soybean Disease Profiles

Profiles on common soybean diseases in NC.

US Soybean Rust Monitoring Site

Monitor soybean rust as it is found across the US.

Fungicide Efficacy Chart

Efficacy ratings for common fungicides on soybean diseases.

Soybean Disease Management Publications

Publications on management of common soybean disease from the Crop Protection Network.

Fungicide Classification Guide

Site of action of common fungicide and premixes.

Disease Blog Posts

Read the latest disease management posts from the NCSPA including field reports, research summaries, and more!

Mobile-Friendly Soybean Disease Field Guide

UT has a mobile-friendly disease field guide that will help you quickly assess foliar diseases in your soybean fields.

NC Nematode Assay Information

Forms and information for nematode assays through the NCDA.

NC Soybean Scouting & Field Guide

This guide outlines scouting practices, common pests, and other issues for NC soybean growers. It was published by the NCSPA.

Soybean Cyst Nematode HG Type Explianed

Dr. Larry Heatherly breaks down what an HG type is and explains how to use it to select SCN-resistant soybean...

Fungicide Seed Treatment Efficacy

Efficacy ratings for common soybean fungicide seed treatments.

Table of Fungicide Expectations

This table can help you determine which fungicides to use for specific situations.

Take Action – Fungicide Efficacy

Plant pathologists from across the United States developed ratings for how well fungicide seed treatments control seedling diseases of soybeans...