Weed Management


Auxin Herbicides BMP’s

Facts and best management practices for managing 2,4-D and dicamba in Enlist and Xtend soybeans.
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Weed Blog Posts

Read the latest weed management posts from the NCSPA including field reports, research summaries, and more!
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Compendium Of Herbicide Adjuvants

An adjuvant is any substance added to an herbicide to increase its effectiveness or make it easier to apply. This...
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NC Soybean Scouting & Field Guide

This guide outlines scouting practices, common pests, and other issues for NC soybean growers. It was published by the NCSPA.
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Avoiding Inversions

This factsheet describes what temperature inversions and how to avoid them when spraying auxin herbicides.
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Metribuzin Tolerance Variety Testing

Some soybean varieties exhibit injury symptoms when metribuzin is applied. Results from a University of Arkansas greenhouse screening of soybean...
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Herbicide Application Decision Support System

The HADSS is designed to help you evaluate alternative weed management strategies.
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Herbicide Injury Database

A collection of images to represent expected plant responses to mostly lower than labeled rates of herbicides on various crops...
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NC Soybean Weed Management

Soybean weed management considerations from NCSU.
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Herbicide Mode of Action Chart

Download a digital copy of the full chart that details the sites of action of most popular herbicides and premixes.
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The Big Three: NC’s Major Weed Threats

Learn more about how to manage NC's major weed threats.
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Take Action Website

It’s time to rethink weed control. Visit this website supported by the USB to get resources for managing resistant weeds.
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