The soy checkoff is an effort of all soy growers, but advocacy depends entirely on volunteers.  Here are three ways for growers to advocate for soy farming in front of Congress and the N.C. General Assembly.

First and foremost, you can join the NC Soy Alliance (NCSA). Membership in the alliance is the only route to your complimentary American Soybean Association membership. Many decisions affecting your profitability and your freedom to operate are made by people who have never been on a soybean farm. When policy and regulations that affect soybean farmers are being debated on Capitol Hill, the NC Soy Alliance is there to protect and promote your interest.  Unlike the mandatory soybean checkoff, the NCSA membership is voluntary and your dues payment goes to support policy work by farmer volunteers. About 20,500 soybean farmers in 30 states are dues-paying members of ASA and their state soybean association. Besides supporting issues near and dear to soy farmers, there are many other benefits to being a member of NCSA.  To learn more, click here.

The second thing you can do is to support the NC SoyPAC. The consumer and political climate in which farmers operate and the legislative landscape are constantly changing, never more so than in the last few years. Now more than ever, it is important for soybean farmers to stand up to protect their right to farm and their way of life. The NC SoyPAC supports candidates for federal election who support farmers. NC SoyPAC accepts voluntary, non-tax deductible contributions from soybean farmers and contributes to candidates for federal office.

Finally, you can sign up to receive email updates from the NCSPA.  We provide our members with valuable tools to help their farm operations including timely updates on topics on production and current issues impacting it, research, news and events of the NCSPA, as well as the United Soybean Board and marketing.  Click here to receive our emails.


The most important benefit for joining is your interests being protected.