Long Term Tillage Effects

Evaluation of tillage practices in the Piedmont of NC.

Winter Annual Cover Crops

Options for using cover crops in soybeans.

Soybean Growth & Development Chart

Proper identification of soybean growth stages can help determine the timing of various management practices.

Cultural Practices Blog Posts

Read the latest cultural practices posts from the NCSPA including field reports, research summaries, and more!

NC Soil Testing Information

Forms and information for submitting soil samples in NC.
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NC Soy Facts

There are many things that make soybean production in NC unique! Check out our Soy Facts Video to see if...
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Moisture Damaged Soybeans – Agronomic Concerns

NCSU's Dr. Jim Dunphy discusses agronomic issues with flood and moisture damaged soybeans.

NC Soybean Scouting & Field Guide

This guide outlines scouting practices, common pests, and other issues for NC soybean growers. It was published by the NCSPA.

Cover Crops Do’s & Don’t’s

This publication developed by the Crop Protection Network lays out the basics on cover crop management.

Soybean Growth Stages

This publication defines and provides images of soybean growth stages.

Cover Crop Information

Detailed information on using cover crops from the Mississippi Soybean Association.