Report Your Farm Damage to County FSA Office

Report Your Farm Damage to County FSA Office

All producers impacted by Hurricane Matthew winds, rain or flooding are encouraged to document and report damage to the county USDA Farm Service Agency office.  The FSA provides a Loss Estimates Worksheet which should be completed to the extent possible and turned in to the county FSA office. download the worksheet here.

Even if the exact value of losses is not yet known, farmers are advised to list damage and losses by category and report them.  This includes damage to crops, buildings, fences, equipment, farm vehicles, storage facilities, roads, ditches, dams and fields, and losses of livestock, seed, fertilizer, chemicals, equipment, and any other farm-related loss.  Contact the county FSA for assistance and advice on reporting a damage assessment.

Document damage and losses to the greatest extent possible.  Use cell phone pictures, video, written descriptions, existing records.  All records will be useful when applying for disaster assistance programs.  And aiding the county FSA in the disaster assessment process may help secure the greatest amount of funding for the county.

The county FSA offices are preparing to sign up farmers for USDA FSA administered disaster program, including the Emergency Conservation Program, Non-Insured Crop Disaster Assistance Program, Tree Assistance Program, Livestock Indemnity Program, and others.

Farmers should contact their county FSA offices about opening and closing dates for sign up for these programs, and about eligibility to receive assistance.

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