Checkoff Grows Demand for Soy Through New Uses

Checkoff Grows Demand for Soy Through New Uses

Demand for soy has grown over 700% in the last decade thanks to investments in research with support from the Checkoff that have created many new uses for soy. Soy-based ink is just one of the products developed with help from the American Soybean Association, and now it is the printing standard for newspapers and industry because it is more environmentally-friendly than petroleum based ink.

Soy foam was another breakthrough, and now soy foam is used in all car seats the Ford Motor Company manufactures. There have been over 140 different kinds of soy foam at different densities made over the last decade.

There have been many other soy innovations including soy lubricants, soy biodiesel, plastic resin made with soy, soy cleaning products, soy adhesives, soy paint, even Astroturf. Just last year, research from Ford showed that soy helps rubber last longer, and Bridgestone and Goodyear are expanding on research to use soy in tires.

Learn more about the history of soy innovation HERE.

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