NCSPA In the Community

NCSPA In the Community

The North Carolina Soybean Producers Association has been busy this spring promoting soybeans, educating both adults and children alike about soy nutrition and soy products and exposing them to modern agriculture at a variety of events. There have been 56 programs in schools since the fall and some of the highlights of recent events are included below.

NCSU Farm Animal Days: The association exhibited at N.C. State’s Farm Animal Days in Raleigh from April 15-17. About 10,000 kids attended the three-day event, in spite of rainy weather, providing a wonderful opportunity to be in front of an audience of children and their parents from across the state, many of whom do not know much about agriculture. The children were very excited to have a hands on experience with agriculture and enjoy learning all they can.

Alamance County Farm Bureau’s Homegrown In The Park:¬† This celebration of agriculture in Alamance County was a great opportunity to interact with several hundred consumers and talk with them about agriculture. In addition, the NCSPA provided kits to grow soybean seed to visitors.

Meet The Farmer Day at Marbles: About 500 kids were on hand at Marbles Kids Museum on March 28 to meet Clinton, N.C. soybean farmer Chris Naylor and enjoy the NCSPA sponsored agriculture exhibit at the museum. Naylor helped kids plan soybean seeds in biodegradable pots they could take with them, answered their many questions about food and farming and engage with children and their parents on agricultural topics.

Spring is a time for many field trips, festivals and events, so the association stays busy with outreach activities, especially at this time of year. Look for more updates of our activities in the coming weeks.

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