Rural Broadband Access Survey

Rural Broadband Access Survey

Let decision makers and internet service providers know how much rural American needs reliable, high-speed internet access. For many in rural America, reliable broadband internet access is becoming more important on the farm as new technologies are embraced. However, internet access in rural America often lags behind that of urban centers. How well connected is your farm? How does your accessibility impact the technology you use? The soy checkoff wants to hear from you.

CLICK HERE for a brief survey to share your thoughts with USB in order to measure how many U.S. soybean farmers have access to adequate broadband, how they connect and how this impacts their operations. 

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  1. Duncan Malloy


    II live in rural North Carolina , Robeson County, and cannot even stream. Computer is so slow it freezes up Gotservice through the phone company Need better service for farming business

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