Think Narrow-rows when planting Soybeans

Think Narrow-rows when planting Soybeans

In a recent study conducted by the  Iowa Soybean Association, on-farm trial research proved narrow row soybean planting can make a huge difference in yield. The row-width study averaged a 2.5-bushel yield boost from 30 to 15-inch soybean rows on 7 Iowa farms.*

Similar results were shown in replicated trials in N.C. conducted by Dr. Jim Dunphy in Duplin, Johnston and Jones counties in 2012 & 2013. At seven replicated sites yields were compared between soybeans planted in  twin rows, 15-inch, and 30-inch rows. For the second year in a row, the twin rows yielding about a 2.5 Bu/A higher than the 30-inch rows and 2.5 Bu/A less than the 15-inch rows, while 15-inch rows averaged about 5.4 Bu/A higher yields than 30-inch rows.

There seems to be a trend with the results of such trials. Will this be the new rule of thumb?



* Winsor, Susan. “Narrow-row Soybeans Win.” Corn & Soybean Digest 1 Feb. 2015: 13. Print.


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