Finding the Right Data Management Solution

The majority of farmers today are using data to make management decisions on their farms and most are using some type of digital tool to assist with that process. But, there are still many who have not fully integrated all facets of the technology into their operation. A big factor in this is that it…


Find NCSPA on Social Media

The North Carolina Soybean Producers Association is now up and running on social media. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by searching the association name or NC Soybeans. Here you can find up to date information from NCSPA and see what is trending in agricultural news. So make sure you like or…


Field Day Season is Here

August is here which means field day season is gearing up. Getting in the field to look at research plots can help you start thinking about things you want to implement in your operations for 2017. Field days provide a great opportunity to see the latest trends in soybean production, as well as many other…


Farming Becoming More Diverse

The U.S. Ag Census shows that farming is becoming increasingly diverse. 30% of farmers are now women, either as primary or secondary operators, and the percent of minority farmers is increasing greatly. Of course, as this diversity continues to grow, it’s important to the United Soybean Board and the North Carolina Soybean Producers Association to…


Farmers Share How They Take Advantage of Data

There is an ever-growing amount of technology and data available to help farmers be more efficient and more profitable. However, sometimes it can be difficult to know how to manage and use all the data available to make the best decisions. Check out THIS ARTICLE from USB sharing the stories of two farmers and their…


Farmer Volunteers Lead the Community

North Carolina has perhaps the best-organized farmer community in the United States.  The state is home to dozens of commodity boards and grower associations.  Farmers are able to volunteer their time and leadership skills for these boards and associations as well as serve on elected and appointed county, state and federal boards and commissions.  Volunteering…


Farm Safety Tips

Ways to be safe on the farm are always a good reminder, especially as the season starts to swing into high gear. Click on THIS ARTICLE for some helpful information to keep in mind to ensure farmers stay safe.