Dicamba Regulations for 2018

Dicamba Regulations for 2018

As growing season begins, it’s an important reminder that the EPA has classified three formulations of dicamba as Restricted Use Pesticides for 2018, BASF’s Engenia®, DuPont’s FeXapanTM and Monsanto’s XtendiMax®. As a Group 4 herbicide, and one of only a few in this site of action available for post-emergence use in soybeans, it’s an important tool. Farmers must be careful about being good stewards of the technology to ensure it is available to use in the future. As the application window approaches, here’s what to know:

  • Anyone applying Engenia, FeXapan or XtendiMax must attend a dicamba or auxin-specific training and be able to present proof of attendance. Applicators in North Carolina must attend training conducted by the state.
  • Regardless of the product used, label instructions must be read thoroughly and the requirements understood. Updates to national labels include record keeping requirements, reduced maximum wind speed, limited time applications, updated list of sensitive crops and updated tank clean-out requirements.
  • Regulations vary by state, so check with the local pesticide regulatory authority to know what is standard.

For more information or information on specific trainings and supplemental label requirements in North Carolina, read THIS ARTICLE from USB.


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