What Is Your Yield Monitor Telling You

What Is Your Yield Monitor Telling You

With harvest in full swing, farmers are spending lots of time in their combines with their eyes on their yield monitor.

The NCSPA and USB invest checkoff funding in research each year to help farmers protect and improve yield. One example of this is USB’s high yield project, which has identified yield-limiting factors and management strategies that can help improve yield.¬† CLICK HERE to learn more about the project, including what may be impacting your yield. In addition, the article advises farmers to view management strategies as investments in yield instead of expenses. These include making sure you’re selecting the best-performing seed for the types of soil in your field and location, using pre-emergence herbicides and making sure you have adequate soil fertility.

The NCSPA has also invested in similar research in N.C. conditions as reported previously in this blog. Learn more in this video series from Dr. Dunphy, professor and extension soybean specialist at N.C. State: http://ncsoy.org/maximum-yield-video-series/


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