Harvest Aids

With the unpredictable threat of tropical weather and the pressures of harvesting large acreage, the question of whether or not to use chemical application to hasten maturity often arises in N.C. soybean production. Several factors need to be considered when deciding whether the application of a harvest aid makes sense, including avoiding grain loss due…


Fungicide Classification Chart

Repeated use of fungicides with the same mode of action can result in the selection of fungicide-resistant strains of plant pathogens. CLICK HERE to get a fungicide classification chart that  groups fungicides and fungicide premixes by their mode of action. Use it to assist in the selection of fungicides to maintain greater diversity in fungicide…


Ask EPA to Raise RFS Volumes

EPA is currently accepting comments on its proposed 2019 Renewable Fuel Standards and 2020 Biomass-based Diesel Volume. The deadline for submitting comments is August 17. You can send a quick comment to EPA by clicking here at: NBB’s Fueling Action Center.

Summer Field Days are A Success

Two of the state’s largest field days, the Northeast Ag Expo and the Blackland Farm Managers Tour, were held over the last few weeks and both were great successes. The Northeast Ag Expo was held on July 26 and drew several hundred farmers to NC Spuds/Perdue Farms in Elizabeth City. The NCSPA was a major sponsor…


National Ag Leaders Roundtable

Friday, August 3rd, leaders from across NC and the country gathered to discuss the future of agriculture on a national scale. The conversation was organized by Congressman David Rouzer and Senator Thom Tillis in light of the recent nuisance lawsuits that are targeting eastern NC hog farmers. The roundtable was held at the NC State Fairgrounds…


Breaking Down Big Data

Recent advancements in precision agriculture  and data analytics have paved the way for the next important step forward in agriculture: incorporating big data on the farm. While the idea of using big data for agriculture may sound complex, it boils down to analyzing all the data generated on the farm to reveal insightful patterns and…


USDA to Assist Farmers Impacted by Tariffs

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue has announced that the USDA will be making efforts to assist farmers who have been affected by the recent tariffs imposed by China. This comes from the direction of President Trump who wanted a short-term relief strategy to protect producers, upholding his promise to protect them. The strategy will…