The Basics of Soil Sampling

Soil sampling is a simple process and the first thing farmers need to do for a profitable crop. Click on the link below to get the Why’s, When’s, Who’s and How’s of a well-managed soil sampling program:


The Benefits of Cover Crops

Everyone knows about the environmental benefits of cover crops, including reduced soil erosion. But, there are many other benefits to using cover crops that make them worth the investment. Weed control, grazing ground for animals and keeping nutrients from escaping are just a few. Learn more about the benefits of cover crops in this article…


The Benefits of Spray Technology

It’s more important than ever to make sure that any pesticides or herbicides a farmer sprays are accurate and as sustainable as possible, not to mention that their application is one that makes sense financially. Innovations in spray technology can help with this by allowing farmers to apply the resources more precisely, and as a…


The Future of Drone Technology

Drones are very useful, especially for data gathering. They can capture real-time data, can cover areas not feasible with ground methods and capture data not available through remote-sensing methods. It is possible to fly a drone in the morning and get data to evaluate issues to be addressed in the afternoon, limiting down time for…


Think Narrow-rows when planting Soybeans

In a recent study conducted by the  Iowa Soybean Association, on-farm trial research proved narrow row soybean planting can make a huge difference in yield. The row-width study averaged a 2.5-bushel yield boost from 30 to 15-inch soybean rows on 7 Iowa farms.* Similar results were shown in replicated trials in N.C. conducted by Dr.…


Think You May Have SCN?

Soybean cyst nematode is prevalent in North Carolina and is the number one soybean disease in the U.S., resulting in yield losses of more than 100 million bushels per year across the country. Read this article for the signs and symptoms of SCN, as well as to get tips on how to manage it:

Three Sprayer Technologies to Watch For

Sprayer technology is becoming more advanced all the time, allowing farmers to be more sustainable. New technology is on the horizon that will continue to ensure crops are protected from pests in the most efficient, effective and environmentally manner possible. Learn more about variable-rate-technology (VRT), on-the-go nozzle control and electrostatic sprayers in THIS ARTICLE from…


Time to Work on Disaster Recovery

We will post information on USDA Farm Service Agency, USDA Risk Management Agency, USDA Rural Development, USDA NRCS and other agencies and programs offering disaster assistance to farmers. Hurricane Matthew made a greater than anticipated impact on central and coastal North Carolina and with rivers and streams continuing to rise as floodwaters drain to the…


Tips For Scouting Insects

Everyone knows scouting for insects is an important part of best farm management practices and helps to minimize yield losses, but what do experts recommend in terms of scouting? Read this article from the United Soybean Board to find out: