How Technology Can Lead to More Profit

Adding technology and getting more data on your farm can help increase yields, decrease costs and increase profit, but you have to know how to take advantage of the data you receive. Learn more about some of the types of data farmers can take advantage of and the way they can use technology on the…


How To Apply Nutrients on a Budget

Soil fertility is important, and maintaining it is a long-term investment, even when bean prices trend lower. While on a budget, you’ll want to follow the tips below to help enhance or maintain future yields through soil fertility: Follow your soil-test recommendations Consider alternative nutrient-application methods Make sure your soil pH is correct Don’t spend…


Reduced Seed Quality Means Seed Treatments a Must

According to Yadkin County farmer Kevin Matthews, speaking to a reporter from Southern Farm Network following the 2016 Soybean Producers Forum on Feb. 5, seed quality issues with the maturity group fives, sixes and sevens means that seed treatments are an absolute must.  The Forum was held at the Southern Farm Show in Raleigh. According…


Four Ways to Trim Costs in 2016

With soybean prices predicted to be lower in 2016, it’s more important than ever for farmers to look at ways to lower costs. In fact, one farm management specialist from the University of Illinois recommends cutting costs by $100 per acre to remain profitable. Some areas to consider are farm machinery and capital purchases, fertilizer,…


The Benefits of Cover Crops

Everyone knows about the environmental benefits of cover crops, including reduced soil erosion. But, there are many other benefits to using cover crops that make them worth the investment. Weed control, grazing ground for animals and keeping nutrients from escaping are just a few. Learn more about the benefits of cover crops in this article…


Seed Situation in N.C.

Soybean seed supply is limited for 2016 plantings.  The extremely limited supplies will be in maturity groups 6 and 7, and supplies of late group 5 seed may also be very tight.  Watch for announcements from the seed companies in the coming days about seed availability, germination rates, and incentives.  Expect some suppliers to tag seed…


Responding to Soil Test Results

Recent articles in this blog have focused on the importance of soil testing in overall farm management practices, but how farmers respond to the nutrient deficiencies and imbalanced pH will make the difference in achieving yield goals. Click here to learn more about addressing pH and macronutrient concerns.