Prepare for Planting Day

Prepare for Planting Day

The 5+ inches of rain much of the state saw this week has put a hold on planting for a few days, but you can use this time to make sure you are ready to start (or continue) planting when things dry out.

As Dr. Heinniger says, “Planting day is the most important day of your season. It’s your Super Bowl. It’s the day you want to perform your best.” In order to make sure your seed have the best chance of timely and uniform germination, spend some time in the shop now prepping your planter.


First, start with an inspection of your planting unit.

  • Check all ground-engaging components and look for excessive wear.
  • Spring all parts with bearings to make sure they turn freely.
  • Check that all firming points for seed trenches are to specifications.
  • Check and adjust all chains.
  • Inspect all tires and check for optimum air pressure.
  • Ensure adequate lubrication on all parts of planter.

Next, make sure all your technology is working properly and correctly calibrated.

  • Update precision farming maps and add any new fields.
  • Make sure all monitors are set up correctly.
  • Inspect all parts of seed meters, look for any wear or damage.
  • Install correct seed disc and make any needed adjustments.
  • Periodically dig up seeds when planting to check rate and depth.

Making sure things are in top shape now will hopefully save you from unexpected breakdowns in the field. That way when things do dry out you are ready to roll. Remember, the first step to achieving high yields is planting!


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