Weed Management Checklist

Weed Management Checklist

Want to keep weeds out of your fields and prevent herbicide resistance? Use this handy checklist as a guide.

  1. Make a plan – Think long-term. Strategize to delay the evolution of herbicide resistance and reduce weed seeds.
  2. Go full-rate – Apply full rates of effective pre- and postemergent herbicides with multiple modes of action (MOAs). Dead plants can’t produce resistant progeny.
  3. Get ‘em when they’re little – Spray weeds when they’re shorter than 4 inches. Don’t wait.
  4. Spice things up – Don’t stick with the same old single MOA. Use multiple, effective MOAs everywhere, every time.
  5. Scout it out – Correctly ID weeds by species. Kill weeds that escape an herbicide application.
  6. Zero tolerance policy – Destroy uncontrolled weeds, which might mean you have to pull them by hand. Seed from escaped weeds will contribute to the weed seedbank.
  7. Don’t ditch your ditches – Weeds aren’t limited to your fields. Don’t let them thrive in forgotten field edges, fence lines and waterways.
  8. Keep it clean – Don’t let weed seeds hitch a ride. Clean tillage and harvest equipment.
  9. Do more than spray – Consider using mechanical and/or cultural control practices, like tillage or cover crops.
  10. Re-evaluate and repeat – Review your weed-management results at the end of each season and revise to improve next year.

Click here for more information on managing herbicide-resistant weeds.

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